Carrie Bekerman

Mar 24, 2014

William Kinsella: Public Voices and Energy Choices: Citizens Speak Out at the North Carolina Utilities Commission

The following is a research summary originally published in Communication Currents, a publication of the National Communication Association Can ordinary people participate meaningfully in decisions about complex technologies such as nuclear power? Our research suggests they can, within limits. A paradox […]

Jul 15, 2013

No Worries for New Teachers

New teachers worry whether their students will like them, question their credibility, or worse: learn nothing worthwhile. Professor of Communication Deanna Dannels has coached hundreds of new teachers and hears these very concerns and the questions that arise from them. In her new book, Eight Essential Questions Teachers Ask: A Guidebook for Communicating with Students (Oxford University Press, 2014), Dannels shows teachers how to overcome their concerns by understanding the research, learning from mentors, and facing their fears.

Apr 10, 2013

Wolfpack Speaks draws large crowd

The sixth annual Wolfpack Speaks public speaking competition was held Tuesday, April 9 at Burns Auditorium/Kamphoefner Hall to a packed house. Five competitors presented a social values persuasion speech in the Pecha Kucha format (20 slides; 20 seconds per slide). […]

Apr 10, 2013

Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva

Emerging Fields of Digital Media and Mobile Communication Collaborating with community public and private agencies, enhancing parent and famity understanding of system expectations particularly regarding child protection, developmental and behavioral issues.

Mar 22, 2013

Andy Binder working in research in communications to better understand how scientists and engineers can converse with the public

Communication and the hard sciences are on two opposite ends of the educational spectrum. However, according to Andrew Binder, an assistant professor in communication, the combination of the two can be vital for both fields.

Mar 4, 2013

Organizational Communication in the News

Joann Keyton (North Carolina State University) suggests some key “Takeaways” on the story about Yahoo eliminating telecommuting beginning in June.

Aug 22, 2011

CHASS welcomes new tenure-track faculty

A warm welcome to these new tenure-track faculty members who are joining NC State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Diana Arbaiza Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Diana Arbaiza joins the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures as Assistant […]

Jul 12, 2011

Alum’s Tea Party Research Featured in New York Times

John Coggin (Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies‘09) recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Theological Studies in Religion, Ethics, and Politics. While at Harvard, Coggin co-authored a paper that has become the subject of a New York Times piece, […]

Jul 7, 2011

Bigger Than Football: Study Shows Sports Can Help Communities Recover From Disaster

Research from NC State’s Department of Communication shows that organized sports can be a powerful tool for helping to rebuild communities in the wake of disasters. The research focused specifically on the role of professional football in the wake of […]

Jun 16, 2011

Doc Hendley: Humble Hero

In 2009, CNN named Doc Hendley (Communication ’04) one of its top ten heroes of the year for his work to bring clean water to some of the world’s poorest areas. Since he was in the nation’s spotlight, Doc has […]